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Welcome to, where your Incarcerated Loved One matters to us. Here, you can purchase a guaranteed Penpal for your Incarcerated Loved One-either long term or short term, your choice. We understand the importance of communication with the outside world and we want every Incarcerated Individual to have at least one Penpal. Have you ever forgotten to send your incarcerated Loved One a Birthday card or Holiday Greeting? Have you ever been to busy to respond back to his/her letters? Do you write back but sometimes find it difficult to mail the letters? Sure you have, but, no worries, we wont forget! Once matched with a Penpal, your Loved One becomes apart of our family. Let the Penpaling begin! If you have any questions please email Talk to you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email

1. When will my Incarcerated Loved One start receiving letters?
Within 3 days of payment or sooner, excluding Holidays and Weekends [see "How It Works" for 1st letter information]. That's right within 3 days your Incarcerated Loved One will receive the very first letter from us. After that, letters are sent out according to the package you, the purchaser, chooses. We recommend you chose a Package Plan that covers your Incarcerated Loved One's entire sentence- that way, their new found friendship is not lost or they are not without mail and lonely. Letters are mailed using USPS and it usually takes 2-3 business days for the delivery- unless it is a Major Holiday, and the Post Office is closed. You may also want to check with U.S.P.S. for "NO Mail" dates.

2. Is my Incarcerated Loved One guaranteed a Pen Pal?
Yes, this service is for those seeking Pen Pals for their Incarcerated Loved One. Using this service, your Loved One is 100% guaranteed  to be matched with a Pen Pal. The duration of the friendship/correspondences is up to YOU, the puchaser-whatever package you choose, will guarantee your Loved One a  Pen Pal for the duration of that package. Guaranteed or your money back. It is recommended that you chose a Package that covers the duration of their jail/prison sentence.

3. Do you also visit my Incarcerated Loved One?
No, not at this time.

4. Can my Incarcerated Loved One call their Pen Pal from this service?
It depends on the Pen Pal that your Loved One is matched with.There is no guarantee that the Pen Pal will give out their phone number, but it is possible. As of now, only ONE Pen Pal from this site guarantees to give her phone number to your Incarcerated Loved One and that Pen Pal is Lucy. If you want your Incarcerated Loved One to be able to call their Pen Pal from this site, please enter "LUCY" as the "Preferred Pen Pal"- otherwise your Incarcerated Loved One will (probably) be matched with another Pen Pal from this site who does NOT offer phone conversations. Note: Before selecting "Buy Now"-you have the option to enter  "Preferred Pen Pal."  All requests for Lucy are honored and accepted. At this time, the phone calls MUST be at the expense of your Incarcerated Loved One, either  prepaid or 3 way calls are okay. There are no restrictions on the conversations between your Incarcerated Loved One and their Pen Pal, anything reasonable can be discussed.

5. Can my Incarcerated Loved One email their Pen Pal from this service?
Yes, if your Incarcerated Loved One is in a Federal Prison they have access to an email correspondence at their expense. They will be given their new Pen Pal's email address and will receive unlimited emails throughout the day or however often your Loved One chooses.  The emails are in addition to the letter correspondence and in no way does the emails interfere with the letters. Your Loved One will continue to receive letters, photos, greeting cards & more from their Pen Pal on this site.

6. Do you also send photos and greeting cards to my Incarcerated Loved One?
Yes, personal photos including road trips, family outings, girls or guys night out, etc. are sent out long with Greeting Cards on special occasions, birthdays, holidays, and random, hello/hi/thinking of you greetings. When building a new found friendship from afar, photos can speak a thousand words and a picture alone can take us on a journey only our imagination can think of. Greeting Cards are ways of expressing words our hearts are feeling and your Loved One will be sent both photos and Greeting Cards periodically.

7. Are all the letters hand written?
Yes, all letters are hand written. Since some facilities are picky about writing in pencil, all letters are written with a pen.

8. How are the packages priced?
There is a flat rate for each package; the flat rate includes a prorated price for Holiday Greetings/Birthday Greetings, other printed material, writing material, the cost of photos to be printed, etc. a small fee the Pen Pal(er) receives and the shipping price, which  is the estimated cost of the U.S. Postal Stamps to be used for the duration of the correspondences with your Incarcerated Loved One.

9.What's the difference between this site and other Pen Pal sites? 
Here at, we 100% GUARANTEE Pen Pals and the other sites charge x amounts of dollars but guarantee nothing. On those other sites, your Incarcerated Loved One may or may not get a letter. Even if they do get a letter, sometimes the Pen Pal writes once or twice and disappears-leaving your Incarcerated Loved One wandering what happened... GUARANTEES to stay connected with your Incarcerated Loved One for however long you, the purchaser chooses. Your Loved One will NEVER be abandoned by us. Your Incarcerated Loved One is in good hands, we promise.

10. What is the Refund Policy?
If you are not satisfied for whatever reason we will refund your money, no questions asked. That's how confident we are in this service.

11.What are the conversations/letters about between the Pen Pals and Inmates?
It is a private conversation/friendship and it is between them (the inmate & their pen pal). There are no restrictions as to what a Pen Pal and Inmate can talk about. We strive to provide  positive communication flow with those Incarcerated. We are not a dating service nor do we offer love or romantic relationships. Again, the conversations and what is discussed are confidential and between the Pen Pals. Nothing illegal will ever be discussed. The conversations range from: friendship, fantasy talk, spiritual/religious based conversations, politics, weather, random, everyday living, family, community, personal, motivation, and/or any type of regular conversation that you & I would hold.